Parshat Ki Tetze

 Parshat Ki Tetze Ki Tetze – the portion of the week — opens as follows:    “When you go out to war against your enemies, and God enabled you to overcome them and take them prisoner…”      My associations lead me to “A tale of the Lost Princess” by Rebbe Nachman, and in this spirit, […]

Parshat Shoftim

Parshat Shoftim The month of Elul has just entered our gates, Elul in Hebrew is an acronym for:  “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me” (Song of Songs)     The month of Elul presents us with a wakeup call for the Days of Awe, days that evoke in us a gentle […]

Parshat Re’eh

 Parshat Re’eh At the beginning of our parsha, Moshe presents the people with two choices:    “Look, today I offer you two choices: A blessing and a curse. A blessing – if you follow the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you this day; and a curse, if you do not follow […]

 Parshat Ekev

Parshat Ekev    Do you know how to identify what is the thing you hunger for? And what makes you feel full and satisfied? (And not necessarily in terms of food?)     In this week’s Torah portion “Ekev” Moshe continues to tell the people the historical story of their ancestors (the desert generation), emphasizing the […]

Parshat Va’Etchanan

Parshat Va’Etchanan    Has it ever happened that you were engrossed in the process of fulfilling a dream, saw the vision in front of your eyes, and really wanted to fulfill it, and in the end, it didn’t come to fruition? How was this experience for you? Did you experience it as a failure? Most […]

Parshat Devarim

Parshat Devarim Do you remember a time when you tried to tell your child a story from memory that you remembered from childhood — and then, when you went to read the book to refresh your memory, you discovered to your amazement that you distorted the story.   You forgot details, omitted important things, changed the […]

Parshat Masa’ei

Parshat Masa’ei    This portion tells us that just before entering the Promised Land, God commands Moses to instruct the people to allocate six cities of refuge for accidental murderers, a place where they can escape and find refuge from the blood avengers.    When reading the words of the story I was moved by […]

Parshat Matot

Parshat Matot    Who among us has not experienced at least once in our life a sense of lack of harmony between what one believes in and how one acts?    When two opposing approaches that cannot coexist arise in us, cognitive dissonance is created and then we make a choice in one area and […]

Parshat Chukat

     When my son was born,  I was told by some smart women: “let him cry”.   Do not run at once to take him in your arms, otherwise he will learn that for every little cry,  you rush straight to him — and that way he will learn to control you. Let him cry, […]

Parahat Korach

       Did it ever happen to you, that you felt jealous of someone else’s success?  Did a thought ever cross your mind:   Why did he or she get it and not me? Did you ever have a sharp criticism of how he or she does things, and thought that you probably would have done […]