Parshat Tzav and the burning Bush


Tamar Pelleg

Since then, a lot of water has flowed in the river of my life. Today, apart from my everyday writing in my “Morning  Diary”, I write regularly on topics related to the Hebrew Bible’s portion of the week, from a psycho-spiritual perspective and on topics  related to relationships that I post on  Facebook, blog, digital story collections and recently I am engaged in writing a  book and my  dream begins to come true.



Dedicated to my father’s Yartzite


Parashat Tzav describes the ordination ceremony of Aharon and his sons to the office of priesthood, and their anointing with the anointing oil before their first appearance as priests before the people and the precise instructions they must observe regarding each type of sacrifice: “Olah”-ascendant, “Chatat”-sin, “Asham”-guilt, “Shleymim”- whole..

One of the main duties of the priest was to see to it that the fire burned on the altar incessantly and did not go out. That is why it is always called everlasting fire.

And how is it with us? In our life? In our body that serves as a dwelling place for the holiness within us, where we have the role of the responsible priest?

What is that inner fire that burns on the altar of our heart?

And how can our inner priest take care that the flame should never be extinguished?

These are the questions I ask myself today, when my association also connects to the Burning Bush in the myth of the Exodus, which according to my favorite interpretation is a symbol of the divine spark within us, the inner voice that knows the truth about our destiny, about the role we came to play in this life.

I find similarities between the perpetual fire on the altar and the burning bush. Burning fire that does not go out.

I turn to this spark within me and ask Him:     What do You need from me in order to keep burning non-stop?

What should I watch out for so that the fire does not become dangerous, all-consuming?

What should I avoid in order that the flame will not die out?

How can I do this sacred work in the best and most accurate way within the tabernacle of my soul?

And this is what He answered me:

I am the spark of fire that nourishes you, that also allows you to nourish others in your actions, as long as your actions come from a place of desire to do good for others, to share your love with them, to bring into the world your gift with the intention of sharing your wealth and contribute to everyone’s expansion, growth and feeding their fire as well.

I am nourished by the things you love to do, which bring you joy of heart, such as: singing, dancing, creating things in matter and spirit, writing, reading, and traveling. Yes!  To travelling! It is a long time since you took a trip with me! I need to be with you in Nature and feel the expansion of your heart. Make Me more room to jump and gallop inside you and feed the flame. This is what turns me on. As long as you fill me with these things I will continue to burn. Always serve you as a fire.  Accurate and in the right measure. It is very important to maintain the measure, to make the right choice, because fire can break boundaries and be dangerous. Then it can “burn” you, you will feel worn out and tired, or even turned off.

If you make the mistake of feeding Me with illusions, if you do not know how to distinguish between the sound of your heart and the sounds of the ego or the sounds that come from outside, if you act out of a motive of filling emptiness that has opened up in you and not out of fullness —

You may not feel it at first because you will be warmed by the light of fake fire, but at some point, you will really feel it.

The most important thing is to be attentive to your heart, to make yourself a place of silence so that you can really listen to it.

And it is important to constantly clean up the “ashes”, the inhibiting thoughts, the stuck feelings that no longer serve you and to feed the fire with new “coals”, the nourishment of positive thinking. Operate only from a clean place.

The highest quality fuel for fire is love. Love you give and love you receive. Good and nourishing love.

How do you know it is nourishing love and not love that turns the fire off?

Ask yourself Do you love yourself in the relationship with the other person you are with?

Do you feel expansion and empowerment or reduction in the situation you are involved? If the answer is that you feel diminished, or you feel a contraction in your body – then this is not a good fuel for your fire.

eIf you keep these instructions, you will properly fulfill the role of priest in your tabernacle and in your eternal fire, in the central place in your altar of sacrifice.






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