Reflective Writing Workshop- Inspirerd by The Book of Ruth

After a long period of uncertainty many women feel a need to change something in

           their lives or are already in the midst of a change. You do not always know how to

           deal with the change or how to prepare for it, who might help you, and sometimes

          you even lack the clarity on how to define what you feel.


          One way to gain vision above and beyond, promote change and find clarity from within, is to

         enter into a simple process of writing.

          The writing process I am going to teach you in the workshop is called Reflective Writing.

          Reflective writing is looking into a story and while identifying with processes and dilemmas the characters go through,

          Use it as a mirror to reflect upon ourselves.


          The use of characters and stories makes it possible to bypass logic and reason and thus, like magic,

          A deep and hidden layer that exists within us is revealed.


          When we write in a role of a character in the story, a new voice comes from within us and reveals to us

          Something  about ourselves as well. Something that would have otherwise stay hidden within us comes to life

          And help us gains clarity.


          The workshop consists of:

            * Personal writing exercises

            * Working with cards

            * Warm-up exercises for the writing muscle from the world of psychodrama and Bibliodrama


          We will get inspired by the story of Ruth (the Book of Ruth) who bravely chose to go against all odds. This story embodies

          Emotional and spiritual powers that may reflect on your inner resources,

          And also inspire you to find your growing edge.

          After the workshop you will be able to connect to deep places within you that seek to surface in a creative and protected way,

          Gain insights and start a process of growth and healing.

          The workshop is intended for both experienced writers and those who are having their first experience.


What will you gain from this workshop?


  Bring gentle movement to themes that seek to rise to your awareness



Connect with people from your “tribe”  



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