The differences between psychodrama and sociodrama

How is sociodrama different from psychodrama? What does a sociodrama deal with? A. Sociodrama is a group method in which participants act out agreed upon social situations spontaneously. It deals with the collective components of roles, as manifested in social situations. Sociodrama helps people express their thoughts and feelings, solve problems and clarify their values. […]

Sharing in Psychodrama

Sharing is the third and last part of a psychodrama session, after the warm-up and the action phases. It takes place when the action part (the psychodrama) is over and after the protagonist said his “last sentence for now” in his/hers last scene. The director invites sharing from all the other group members in order […]

The field of T.A. (Eric Bern) and how it influences my practice of psychodrama

According to Eric Berne our personality consists of 3 major ego states. A Parent state, an adult state and a Child state. The parent state consists of two parts: the nurturing parent (mother) and the controlling parent (father).  The Child state consist of two aspects as well: the natural/spontaneous child, and the Rebellious child. Therefore, […]

The Self emerges from the roles we take

According to Moreno the founder of psychodrama, the Self emerges from the roles we take in our life, and not vice versa. When the baby is born, he does not have a distinguished sense of self. The Self is formless and not integrated. The different roles he will take during his life will help him […]

“The Sun of Role” Sociometry

The Sun of Role Sociometry Dedicated to the memory of Anne Hale, MA.TEP, who lovingly taught me sociometry   Theoretical background: Sociometry The science of sociometry was created by J.L. Moreno and was the foundation for a later developed psychodrama Sociometric exercises allow us to measure the relationship of proximity and distance between our current […]

What Is Psychodrama?

By Catherine D. Nugent, LCPC, TEP* Psychodrama is a form of group psychotherapy developed by Jacob L. Moreno, M.D., a Viennese psychiatrist who came to the United States in 1925.  J.L. Moreno’s wife and chief collaborator, Zerka T. Moreno, contributed significantly to the theory and practice of psychodrama, as did many students and followers of […]


WE ARE ONE: TRUST, RISK, EXPAND THROUGH PSYCHODRAMA By Stephen Kopp, MS, TEP Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.  Anais Nin  According to J. L. Moreno, who synthesized the discipline of psychodrama and sociometry, the […]

Biblio-Drama A Method for Spiritual Reflection

Bibliodrama was developed in the 1980s by Dr. Peter Pitzele of the United States, a psycho-dramist and a PhD. of literature, as a method that investigates Biblical stories using psycho-dramatic techniques. (Scripture windows / Peter Pitzele, PhD) Bibliodrama can be text oriented, thus referring to the story as the “protagonist” and exploring it by psychodynamic […]