Bibliodrama: Reflections from The Book of Ruth- From Destiny to Choice

The Book of Ruth is actually the only story in the entire Bible whose plot is activated and progressed by the daring actions of its female protagonists!

What drives Ruth to leave her country, her homeland, her mother and father’s house and get to a place where at face value, she doesn’t stand a chance?

What is behind her unconditional loyalty as a bride to her mother-in-law Naomi?

In this Bibliodrama workshop we will work with the the Book of Ruth,

We will experience their story as if it is ours and it happens to us here and now, we will look at what will come up and wake up in us as a result related to relationships, choice patterns, points of hope in moments of despair and more.

We will also have fun, enrich ourselves with insights and fill our batteries of mind and spirit.

What will you gain?


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Photo Credit: Rosana Azar