Bibliodrama: Bring the female voices to the forefront of the stage!

Empower yourself along-side the Biblical heroines

Discover the inner representations of the feminine heroines in your inner theater and awaken to a new awareness.

In a Bibliodrama workshop of 6-session that connects to the roots, promotes your growth to the next level and generates healing for the female voice in the original stories and in yourself/

The sessions will consist of a psychodrama of a Biblical story (Biblio-drama).
Participants will be invited to enter the role of the characters in the story, lend them their voices and fill the gaps in the story with content taken from their own imagination, psychological understanding and life experience, and additional intuitive writing.

Short didactic study sections will be included during the lessons.
The meetings will be held via zoom space and are intended for an intimate group.

Topics will include

After the workshop you will be able to



Bring the female voices that were not heard (in the Bible) to the forefront of the stage empower them and be empowered through them.


Amplify your sense of Self by discovering your collective and personal roots and how they weave together


Get in touch with women from  your “tribe” and make new connections  

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