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     What is Bibliodrama?  and 
     What is psychodrama and what value does it have for you?
  1. Information about my “Bibliodrama with a twist of psychodrama” workshops  that aim to bring about change and healing to your relationships with yourself and others,  in a creative and playful way – in a manner that connects to the stories of your origin and help you take a step forward in your spiritual and personal journey.
  1. Short articles and commentaries I have written from a psychological-spiritual and contemporary perspective on the week’s Torah portion and Holiday stories —   for those who are interested in discovering the hidden connections between the ancient stories and their personal stories here and now, in order to grow their awareness.
  1. Information about  my digital collections and other publications (for sale).

What is Bibliodrama?

 Bibliodrama is a deep, experiential group method that uses action- methods techniques to investigate stories of our origins, such as the Scriptures.  In addition it allows participants to connect to their own personal stories and find the web of connections between the collective stories and their personal stories.


Parshat Ki Tetze

 Parshat Ki Tetze Ki Tetze – the portion of the week — opens as follows:    “When you go out to war against your enemies,

Parshat Shoftim

Parshat Shoftim The month of Elul has just entered our gates, Elul in Hebrew is an acronym for:  “I am for my beloved and my

Parshat Re’eh

 Parshat Re’eh At the beginning of our parsha, Moshe presents the people with two choices:    “Look, today I offer you two choices: A blessing